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To buy refurbished or not to, is the question. Sure they are cheaper, but are they reliable? We have bought both new and refurbished and found, new or refurbished, if a product is going to have problems, they are equal opportunity offenders.  The first Mac we ever bought (a Performa 6300) was brand spanking new and it hard froze the first time it started up. Within a few months its motherboard was replaced by Apple. It was a production problem, but a cautionary tale that buying "new" is no guarantee of fidelity. The antidote to a product with problems, is a good warranty. In the realm of refurbished products, buying from Apple has a bit of an advantage over most places like Amazon. Apple's refurbished products come with a 1 year warranty (same as their new products) plus you have the opportunity to purchase an extended warranty from Apple that will cover additional years. So there is a comfort factor there that is often missing from, the sometimes less expensive, refurbished products bought on Amazon ... where often there is no warranty. Therefore on Amazon it is important to know the reputation of the seller and what their return policy is.

You will find Apple's refurbished product process and warranty information here and a listing of all Apple's refurbished products for sale here.  For Apple's extended warranty information click here

Use the appropriate links below for Amazon's refurbished iPod products.

Retailer PowerMax has an iPod trade-in program where you can get credit for your old iPod.

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